Jeep Gladiator SmartCap Double Cab EVOa Adventure (2022+) Fitted

The SmartCap EVOa Adventure is built for extreme on-road and off-road use. From its 5-piece modular stainless steel design, to the double walled stainless steel Gulling doors with interior MOLLE panels for mounting your gear, this thing will take all the adventure you can throw at it—and then some.

Features Include:
• Positive Pressure Air Vent w/ParticIe Filter
• Universal Roof Rails
• Cargo Light Portal Window (Full-size Applications Only)
• Front Slider Window, Flush Bonded (Excluding VW Amarok)
• Gullwing Side Ooors, Solid And Double Skinned
• Gullwing Doors Interior MOLLE Panels
• Rear Half Door w/FIush Bonded Tinted Window
• Push Button Door Latches
• Security Screen - Rear Window Only [Optional)
• Integrated 3rd Brake Light (Except deep Gladiator Applications]
• 3 Year Warranty (Parts, Materials B Workmanship]
Available in matte black and OEM matching white (white available for international models only).


    • Price includes fitment @ AutoXtra Accessories - East London
    • Stock subject to availability at time of order placed (we will advise availability on order)


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