Isuzu SmartCap EVOs Sport Double Cab New Generation (2022+) Fitted

The SmartCap EVO Sport is the world’s first modular designed “you-build-it” truck cap. Forged from steel (not fiberglass)… could make one think it’s built like a truck not a boat.

Features Include:
• Positive Pressure Air Vent w/ParticIe Filter
• Universal Roof Rails
• Cargo Light Portal Window (Full-size Applications Only)
• Front Slider Window, Flush Bonded (Excluding VW Amarok)
• Gullwing Side Doors w/ Tinted Sliding Window
• Rear Half Door w/FIush Bonded Tinted Window
• Push Button Door Latches
• Security Screen - Rear Window Only [Optional)
• Integrated 3rd Brake Light (Except deep Gladiator Applications]
• 3 Year Warranty (Parts, Materials B Workmanship]
Available in matte black

  • Fitted price - East London
  • Outside delivery option not available


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